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Terms & Conditions

Upon the issue of a certificate showing that the scaffolding is fully compliant with all current legislation (handover). The integrity of the scaffolding becomes the responsibility of “the hirer of the scaffolding” (you). Any defects arising during the hire period, occurring for any reason, should be notified to Tubetec Scaffolding (us) immediately in writing. Any remedial works required from us will be charged to you. This also includes any chargeable attendances at the scaffolding from local authorities or similar.
Please note that upon receipt of handover the scaffold becomes the responsibility of the hirer who should complete the scaffold register after weekly inspections, or following sever weather conditions. Any claims arising from public interface with the scaffold after handover will also be your responsibility.

In the event that the hirer is investigated by the Health & Safety Executive, Tubetec Scaffolding shall not be liable to the hirer for the fees/fines paid by the hirer to the Health & Safety Executive in accordance with the Health & Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012.

The hire period on this quotation is based on information given by you. If the scaffold is off hire before the hire period has been reached there will be no hire discount offered.

Tubetec Scaffolding cannot (for legal reasons) leave a ladder on site to access the bottom of the internal ladder from the ground. This ladder must be supplied and made safe out of hours by you.

You are to provide the requisite local government pavement permit (unless we are specifically advised to carry this out on your behalf in writing) before we can commence work, and we must reserve the right to revise our quotation if such license imposes conditions which invoice additional expense to us. (e.g necessitating working out of normal working hours or to provide a protection fan etc.) Client to provide, maintain and remove suitable lighting and any signs required by the local authority, for the duration that the scaffold is standing. Client to liaise with occupants of the building affected by the scaffolding prior to our arrival on site.

You are to obtain permission for us to have access to or erect from and/or over adjoining property.

In order to comply with Construction Regulations TG20:15 and BSEN12811-1, the scaffold must be tied to the permanent structure at the recommended intervals. As “Hilti ties” or similar anchors are to be used into the fabric of the building, it will be your responsibility to obtain or give permission for the holes to be drilled. Hoists or any other similar device must not be fixed to the scaffolding unless it has been requested at tender stage, in writing, and specifically designed for this purpose. We can accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage to the building or consequential costs arising as a result of fixing or use of these ties. Making good at all times is to be carried out by you. We have allowed to physically tie our scaffold to the building in appropriate positions once only. Any subsequent movement of the ties by us will be charged as an extra.

Should you subsequently wish to fix tarpaulins or other protective sheeting to the scaffold, we must point out that extra ties will be needed. We must be informed of this in writing. This work will be charged as extra.
The scaffold remains the property of Tubetec Scaffolding and as such, any advertising space is solely theirs to use as they choose. This is final and non-negotiable.

Title in any equipment supplied by Tubetec Scaffolding under this agreement shall remain with Tubetec Scaffolding until such time as the customer has paid the price in full together with any other sums then properly due under this agreement. Until such payment is received by Tubetec Scaffolding the customer shall hold the equipment on a fiduciary basis and as bailee for Tubetec Scaffolding in such way that such equipment is identifiable using green & red paint as belonging to Tubetec Scaffolding and if the customer fails to pay the price Tubetec Scaffolding as owner shall be entitled to demand return of the equipment or to collect same from the customer. If payment is not made and/or the customer becomes insolvent or a receiver is appointed before payment is made Tubetec Scaffolding is irrevocably authorised to enter forthwith the customers site(s) for the sole purpose of repossessing and removing the equipment still owned by Tubetec Scaffolding and the customer shall be responsible for all reasonable costs associated therewith. At no time does title pass in any scaffolding supplied under this agreement.

Where scaffold boards have been tied down by us, because of extreme conditions of exposure etc. you should ensure that the boards are re-tied after any subsequent movement.

You are to provide a firm and level base for our scaffold, that will not settle or deflect under the imposed load of our structure and any loads applied thereon. The suitable base is to extend at least 300mm past the outside of the scaffold, and to be cleared by you so that our baseplates and soleplates are visible prior to dismantling. Any damage sustained to pavements due to the scaffolding weight or other reasons will be made good by you upon dismantle. Any costs incurred for work and/or losses from lack of clearance will be charged accordingly.

Our Price is based on understanding that we will have good means of ingress and egress for our men and materials to all parts of the site.
Unless specifically requested by you at tender stage, tis quotation is based upon work being carried out during normal working hours. If due to police restrictions, or other outside influences beyond our control, non-productive time cannot be avoided, then this will be raised as an additional charge to you.
Our quotation is based upon you providing suitable site roads for our laden lorries, and that we will be able to off and re-load our transport within 10metres of the work position. Additional charges for labour will, therefor, be incurred if a greater distance involved. Our drivers have been instructed not to enter site where the road is inadequate for their vehicles.

No allowances has been made in this quotation for filling gaps in the decking where scaffold boards meet standards or other obstructions or the fillets where scaffold boards overlap, or any other joinery work.
We would ask you to please especially note the following with regard to payment;
(1) Payment to be received by us within 30 days of our invoice.
(2) Unless valid notification to the contrary is received within 14 days, all invoices and/or applications for payment as issued will be deemed acceptable, and payment is to be made within 30 day term.

This quotation, unless specifically mentioned, does not include 7 day or “after adverse weather” scaffolding inspections.

We do not consider that retention can be applied to our works, as scaffolding can have no bearing on the quality of the finished building and/or structure. We therefor cannot accept retention being applied to payment of our services.
Hire Periods

If hire periods are reduced please contact our head office for any reductions that may apply. Extra hire charges must not be used for under hire calculations.
This quotation has been prepared from details supplied by you. Please check that your requirements have been correctly interpreted and that all loadings, dimensions and details are correct and practicable. It is your responsibility to prepare and ensure that the foundations and structure are suitable for supporting the loads imposed upon them by our scaffold and any loads applied thereon. Any costs incurred by us due to resultant additional works will be charged accordingly.

Working Off Roofs

Although we shall take every possible care, we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for and damage caused by or arising out of working off this roof. You are to ensure that the roof will safely support the load imposed by our scaffold, and any loads applied thereon.


Damages: Unless we are informed in writing within 24 hours of any alleged damages by our operatives during site operations, we will not accept any claims directed at us. Any scaffolding plant on your site must be covered by your insurance in the event of theft, fire or damage however caused.
Please be advised that all due care and attention will be taken when erecting scaffold but we will not be held responsible for any damage to satellite dishes other communication devices. Any such devices must be removed/ protected prior to our arrival.

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